Overcome the challenge of spending this back to school!

Related imageFor you, what does the return of the children to classes mean? Surely you could tell me that it is happiness and also security and tranquility. Nobody could deny that those of us who have children and know that the holidays are approaching, we begin to feel a little anguish because we still do not know who will take care of them in case both parents work and can not take care of the child’s day.

Also remember that although they are vacations and do not necessarily have to deal with school subjects, it is important that their minds are always active and learn new things, for example, we know the multiple summer courses in which they teach many activities to children .

However, we also know that depending on the activities, the schedule and the duration of these courses, is the cost which sometimes our fixed expenses do not allow us to liquidate and then, what activity could we do with our children at home?

This is one of the questions that most overwhelm the parents, now we see it much more than before because now it is more common for everyone to work and be away from home. The grandparent’s house? Hire a nanny? Ask for a vacation at work?

Image result for parentsThis is one of the strongest challenges that must be overcome in this season of the year, when the holidays are about to end and the return to school is just around the corner as well, it is important to make purchases for the new stage that is to start and this requires an investment of time that many times, the work inside a hospital or a clinic does not allow us to have.

So what does the end of the holidays and the return to school mean to you? Perhaps some of your answers fall within the following list:

  1. Growth of children: We can not forget that the return to school also means the beginning of a new stage. Summer vacations, unlike winter vacations, imply a much greater change as children change degrees and that suggests many more future needs. Especially if this change also implies a new school destination, for example, when children finish kindergarten and go to primary school, this is probably one of the changes that you will soon be going through. And here is not only a change to your economy but emotionally also affects them all, new people, new challenges, other schedules and different dynamics.


  1. Increased investment in a short time: Even if we have considered it in months and we can plan these expenses, we must think that July, August and September will be the months in which the most important expenses are made, not only for the return to classes but also for the previous holidays that are also the longest of the year. Three months in our pockets can suffer a great impact and it is necessary to learn to overcome this challenge. It is not easy for anyone to say that what you could have saved for nine months will go like water in just three, so it is necessary to plan and budget to know how to deal with this situation.


  1. Higher future expenses: In addition to the growth of children, also the return to school means that little by little they will need more things and with that the expenses increase. Of course it is not the same when you only have to buy colors and notebooks that when you already need to also buy books and extra materials for each of the subjects, although this does not mean that spending and investment affect the economy of the present, however, it is something important to consider so as not to live with so much pressure in the future.

But, how to face the expenses of the return to classes?

  • Make a budget for the next few months: It might seem that making a budget to deal with this time of year may no longer be so useful when we are only a few days away from it and then, you can not save much money or search the way to obtain higher income, however, the budget can do it for future expenses, that is, taking into account that during the next months your finances will be a little weak, you can budget and see how to accommodate your fixed expenses or , reduce those that may arise in an unexpected way.


  • Take advantage of offers and learn to reuse materials: Making your last minute purchases is never the best option, thinking not only about returning to school but at any time. Doing it this way can lead you to make purchases that were not well thought out, and you will not have the opportunity to compare prices and quality. Do not get carried away by the signs that say “Offer” because remember that also in days before the return to school prices increase, so it is best to make your purchases in advance. It is also important that you learn to reuse things. Accessories such as the backpack, the lunch box and the uniform can be used for more than one school year, it is also valid to ask your children to take care of their things and help you save on that kind of expenses.


  • Apply for a loan through your government agency: Do not think that the only satisfaction of working in a government clinic is to care for people and take care of their lives. Working for any of these agencies may also give you the opportunity to request a loan to help you cope with these types of situations so that your economy and that of your family does not suffer from any subsequent illness. Through an economic loan, making purchases for the new school year that is about to start your child could be more fun than you thought. Make sure you are giving your family the best and the tools necessary for their growth and optimal learning.