Christmas expenses .. watch out for purchases

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December and January are the months of greatest expense. This year also with some perspectives that improve the data of last year. So at least the consultant believes Deloitte that in his study Consumo Navideño 2015 , estimates that each household will spend between food, leisure and gifts 684 euros on average, 10% more than what they thought to spend in the past holidays. Much of this growth is due to greater optimism about the future that surpasses countries in our environment such as Germany, Holland or Belgium.

This impulse for purchases, which is linked in January with the start of sales, with greater competition in physical stores and online, often leads to poor shopping habits that range from over spending, over and above budgeted, and create payment problems not to be fixed in the guarantees or conditions of the products that we acquired.

Tips to buy better this Christmas

To avoid all these problems we must buy with caution, following a guideline that always involves an analysis and keeps us away from impulse purchases. For this, we leave you a series of tips that will be of great help:

  • Create a list of expenses and buy what you need : Whether spending on food, leisure or gifts, draw a plan, list the same and try not to exceed it. For this it is advisable that from our budget we estimate that we can spend, that we will buy and as far as possible put it on a shopping list.
  • Consult and compare prices : Do not try to buy everything in a single day. Take a time before buying analyzing offers and establishments can be a significant saving. The Internet makes this work much easier for us in more and more products and stores.
  • Beware of abusive use of credit cards : Unlike debit cards it is not necessary to have money in the account, but even if we do not pay at that time, if we fractionate or finance the purchase we will find a high interest cost. Also behind offers such as split free shopping for 3 months we can find many times with commissions that make the free to pass at a significant cost. And even if there were not, like special offers in hypermarkets, we should always be sure that we can return those installments without problems.
  • Analyze the conditions of the establishment : As repayment terms or if it occurs, the refund of the money is allowed or required to do so in purchase vouchers for future uses. The deadline is important, especially if we buy a gift well in advance.
  • Always keep the ticket of the purchase or invoice : It will be necessary for any claim or refund.
  • Analyze your actual spending : After a day of purchase, review what was spent and make a small analysis. Surely it will help you in the face of future budgets.

And above all, enjoy this Christmas without the expenses of it being “indigested” when the holidays are over.