CDTI: Technological demonstration projects

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The CDTI publishes the new helpline for small and medium enterprises (PYMES) for technological demonstration projects. This help is a partially refundable loan , financed with CDTI funds, for experimental development projects that include the creation of prototypes, demonstration, preparation of pilot projects, testing and validation of new or improved products, processes or services, provided that the main objective is to provide further improvements techniques to products, processes or services that are not substantially settled. These projects must contemplate R & D activities during their execution.

The project will last from 12 to 36 months and the bankable budgets will be at least 500,000 euros and maximum 15,000,000 euros.

The call for the presentation of these projects will be open from 01-09-2018 to 28-12-2018.

The characteristics of the help are:

Fixed interest rate: 1-year Euribor.

Loan (financial coverage) of up to 85% of the approved budget.

Refund: 7 or 10 years including a deficiency between 2 and 3 years.

Non-refundable section of 15%, subject to availability of funds.

Advance payment of 35% of the aid with a limit of 250,000 euros, without requiring additional guarantees.

The company must finance at least 15% of the project budget with its own resources.