5 tips so that February 14 does not break you

The Day of love and friendship or Valentine’s Day is a very special day for many. Giving a gift or organizing a romantic outing is a good way to show your love, but letting yourself go for the moment and spending too much can cause a mismatch in your personal finances. That’s why we share some tips to prepare your portfolio this February 14.

Before that, we must make two parentheses to understand why we celebrate this date.

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Why is it celebrated on February 14?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica , this date has origins in Ancient Rome with the party called Lupercalia , which was held on February 15. The reason for the celebration was the arrival of spring, which included fertility rites. This was something that the Catholic Church did not agree with, so in 496 BC, Pope Gelasius I decided that February 14 or Valentine’s Day would replace the Lupercalia.

And why Valentine? The truth is that no one is very clear, but there are several stories of people called Valentine, who suffered or died defending what love represents.

One of the most emotional and accepted legends goes back to the Roman Empire, when a priest named Valentin married the young people despite the fact that Emperor Claudius II, banned marriage to all young men, because he believed that single soldiers were more efficient than married. Valentin was in disagreement and continued to celebrate marriages in secret, until he was discovered and imprisoned.

Some legends say that Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and when he learned that the emperor sentenced him to death, he left his girlfriend a farewell letter that at the end said “De su Valentín”. According to legend, the priest died on February 14, 270 AD

It was until the fifteenth century, when the celebration of Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day became popular in France and Britain, and then in the rest of the world.

How to spend on February 14?

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services ( Condusef ) advises 5 ways to take care of your finances on this date and do not end up in debt.

1. Plan

Each month, make a budget of your expenses based on your income, so you will know how much money you have available and you can set an amount for the celebration of February 14.

A very useful tool that can make your life easier is Finerio . The platform allows you to create customized budgets to which you follow automatically. Having a budget allows you to contemplate your fixed and daily expenses, in addition to those corresponding to occasions such as February 14 or any other important date, so you can celebrate without affecting your finances.

2. Give something original

Many times we give away unnecessary and little special things, which after a while end up in the trash, as we saw in the statistics. So identify the interests of your partner, what you need and buy something that makes you happy.

The best gift is not always the most expensive. Show your partner that you know her and that you thought of her gift with care. That is worth more than the price that comes on the label.

On the other hand, you can think about the moment you will share with that person, rather than a gift. The experiences give us more lasting memories, so plan a small outing on the weekend, go on a picnic, visit a museum or some show. It is not about celebrating a specific day, any date can serve to show how much you love your partner.

3. Compare prices

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When you identify what you can give according to your budget, do not buy in a hurry. Currently it is very easy to enter online stores and verify the price, as well as the characteristics of the product or service. Before making your purchase, compare prices in different stores.

4. Use your credit card carefully

This means of payment helps you manage your cash flow and get some rewards; however, be careful, if you go over the account and can not pay on time, interest will grow like foam and your credit history will be affected.

5. Set savings goals

The best way to save is to reduce your expenses, so do not overdo it. If you do not have enough money to buy a super gift, share your situation with your partner, sure you will understand and find a way to have fun without spending too much.

Even if each boyfriend or girlfriend makes a gift, they can also have a common goal, like going on a trip. Save together and in that way you will fulfill your goals faster. If you want to know some tips to save on your trip, read our article 7 great ways to save to travel without suffering .

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Whether you celebrate on February 14 or any other date you give a gift to your partner, you should always plan, know their tastes, compare prices and consider making long-term plans, such as saving for a trip.

Do not feel pressured by the expenses of February 14, remember that the story of why Valentine is celebrated is unclear. For the only thing that you should worry about is to freely share part of your life with another person, without impositions of marketing. future of money?