H2020, European financing for SMEs

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There is a lot of talk about HORIZON2020, which, as you well know, is the financial tool of the European Commission to support R & D & I.

Among the various instruments and modes of participation that the program offers, the one that has naturally aroused the interest of small businesses is known as the SME Instrument.

For SMEs, my message is addressed today!

The aforementioned instrument is structured in three phases and allows the participation of SMEs alone. The themes of the projects are directed by the.

My experience of more than 20 years within the world of industrial manufacturing company “Commodities” has taught me that one of the keys to business success is our competitiveness in innovation and H2020 is an excellent field to demonstrate our ability to compete in innovation.

I have also learned the suffering in the medium term that brings with it the unemployment in the processes of innovation in the company due to the lack of allocation of the necessary resources as well as not paying adequate attention to the organization of the R & D department. .

A company that stops its innovation process is putting its future at serious risk.

I encourage you, therefore, that your best innovation projects participate in H2020. The competition is fierce, that is why the projects have to be really innovative and have a great impact on European society. If you do not have them yet, empower your creation processes and do not stop looking for them.

All innovative SMEs must have participation in European projects in their financing strategy for their R & D & I projects. The intangible value is the generated relationships and being very close to the most innovative innovation in its sector. The tangible value is the financing and subsidy for the execution of the project by any of the available programs.

Participation requires a medium-term strategy that includes everything from possible participation in the full range of instruments to the necessary visibility of the company in Europe.